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As a freelance photographer, John is forever in love with the capture of the human condition and the natural world environment in his photographic images.

John's specialty is in the use of Leica cameras and high speed lens, and using natural available lighting, to capture his unique images.

John shoots in a pure street documentary style. He is able to capture that extraordinary moment which can best express his vision of realty as it unfolds in front of him, that moment of excitement, beauty and humanism in the modern condition.

Photography has been the vehicle to express that connection, that emotional connection with his subjects and landscapes.

Professional Affiliations: NANPA; APA


Accomplished wildlife photographers, filmmakers, and authors, John and Yoke DiGiorgio's work tells stories of the human connection to wildlife and the natural environment through photography, multimedia projects, publications, and collaborations with other wildlife, environmental, and not-for-profit organizations.

“.…John DiGiorgio is a skilled photographer with quality work. What makes him outstanding is that he brings awareness to the animals and their cause, those who don’t have a voice of their own. Through education, exhibition, and the simple photograph, the wonders of our environment and all her beauty are revealed….” - Caroline Denaro, Artist, Writer & Owner - Philip Hone Gallery, Honesdale, PA

For more information: www.naturesartproductions.com